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Hi, and welcome to Daguerreo Secret Library. Although the name comes from Final Fantasy IX, we're open to posts from all FF games and movies. This community is for fanfiction and discussion of fanfiction. We have a few simple rules that we do require everyone to follow to make the community a pleasant one for everyone.

Your friendly neighbourhood mods are lassarina, rosa_heartlily and tigerknight03. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us. I promise we don't bite.

General Rules
1. Absolutely NO flaming or trolling. Disagreements are fine and are to be expected. Be polite and grown-up about them. The first offense will merit a warning. The second offense will result in you being banned.

2. Constructive criticism is encouraged. Please be sure it is constructive. Don't simply rip on an author. NEVER rip on an author just for writing a pairing or type of fic you dislike. There is a "three strikes, you're out" policy for breaking this rule: two warnings, followed by banning.

3. Promoting other communities is fine, but please only do it once (i.e. do not spam with six entries of the same community). We will be establishing an archival post for communities which have been promoted here.

4. Since the Library is for the posting, critiquing, and helpful discussion of fanfiction, please take your venting over to fanficrants or a similar location. It's not that we don't appreciate a good rant, it's that this is not the place for it when there's a whole community dedicated to just that. :)

5. Fic recommendations are encouraged.

6. The mods can and will enforce the rules of the community.


Posting Rules
1. All fics must be posted either underneath an LJ-cut, or as a link to another page. If you do not know how to post under an LJ-cut, please check the FAQ. Forgetting once or twice is all right - we all make mistakes - but please do not make a habit of it. If you will be using a link, please be sure it's a permanent link (i.e., link to an actual LiveJournal entry, not a link to the main journal page, or a link to a specific fic on an archive site, not a link to the game's main archive page.)

2. You should put the following header on each of your fics:
Title: The title of your piece.
Author: You! However you choose to identify yourself - real name, LJ name, nom de plume, etc.
Warnings: Anything that might push buttons - sex, violence, language, kinky things, etc.*
Summary: A summary of your fic.
You can also put the length of the fic, what rating you would give it, etc.

*You MUST warn for sexual content and/or kink. A first offense will merit a warning, the second offense will result in your being banned from the community for six months. You must always warn for spoilers.

We also expect our members to be responsible, both in what they read and what they write. If your chronological age suggests that you are too young to read a particular fic, we would expect that you do not read it. Similarly, we would not expect members to post fics they would be too young to read.

3. Tags are established by the moderators. We've done our best to establish common tags, which you can find here. If there's something you'd like us to add, by all means e-mail us at daguerreo.library@gmail.com and let us know what it is; it will likely be added within a day or two. We appreciate it if you tag your own fics, but we'll also make an effort to make sure each entry is tagged so we can find what we want later :)
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